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Hello friends, in today’s post we have brought for you Attitude Shayari 2 line in Hindi which is very special for you. In this post you will get the best attitude status and top attitude shayari of 2023, after reading which your attitude will definitely change to some extent. So read this post till the end and enjoy attitude poetry .

Best Attitude Shayari 2 line in Hindi 

nnot keep, one does not make claims beyond one’s means.

The world is angry with me on this matter, it is not in my nature to bow my head.

Our introduction is based on just this one thing, we do not go on the path which is common…!!

Calm 😐 we are like the ocean, angry 😡 is our tsunami 🌊 the world is crazy about us due to this attitude.

This is not the sound but the roar of a lion. If we stand up, it is a mountain….

Those who keep the crown of pride on their heads, listen to the people of the world, they also seem to be their father.

Carve yourself in this place in such a way that the one who gets it feels proud and the one who loses feels regretful.

He who wears a crown of pride on his head

Listen, people of the world, we seem to be their father too.

Gold jewelery and our attitude are very expensive for people.

Attitude Shayari 2 lines

What did you think, I will get scared, son, I am the father, I will come to your house..!

Even dogs together cannot roar like a lion. Son, we are the ones from whom you cannot uproot anything.

Son, what about the environment, the fucker will change it whenever he wants…!

Some are right and some are bad, 

People call us a spoiled Nawab!!

Attitude Shayari 2 Line Image
Attitude Shayari 2 Line Image

Even today we are strong in our skills, our colors shine when we step into the gathering.

I don’t know how to keep everyone happy… I don’t know how to appear to be what I am not .

If you are the question then we are also the answer, if you are a brick then we are also a stone sir!

I remember the moments of meeting people, even if I forget the things, I remember the tone.

Dogs like you only bark, we are lions, we attack openly.

Where your kingship ends, my kingship begins from there…!!

There is a desire to rule hearts, not politics, this is the teaching of my Guru Mahakal.

I am very polite as long as no one points a finger at me.

Status will always remain intact whether one has to do deeds or scandal for it.

Keep your attitude a little safe, “Sir”, it will be a problem if we come to our senses!

Where truth does not prevail, lies are appropriate. Where rights do not prevail, loot is appropriate.

Boy 2 Line Attitude Shayari

Don’t care about those who taunt you, they will also bow down when your time comes.

We will burn those who are jealous of us to ashes, you change your colour, we will change history.

love and we are not related

because love wants slavery

And we are freedom!

The story of the world of decency is over, now we are like the world…!!

Love, affection, affection are all deception, only attitude is enough in life.

We also give great punishment to our enemies,

Don’t raise your hands, just drop them out of sight!

If you can’t sympathize!! Don’t even be a headache!

Nowadays people are burning not by fire but by our attitude.

When the time comes, we will lift you up from where your rule reigns!

We are not Bajirao who gives up friendship for Mastani,

Oh fool, we will give up thousands of joys for friendship.

Always keep a distance when meeting older people.


Attitude Shayari 2 Line Image
Attitude Shayari 2 Line Image

We are single people 😌 sir,

We go to Bhandara 🍛 not on Date 📅..

People ask why are you happy even in so much sadness..?

I said, whether the world is with you or not, my friends are with you.

The breathing of a wounded lion is more dangerous than its roar.

Don’t talk about collision 😒 the day 📆 we will face each other,

That day 😏 celebrity will be erased..

I have such a personality that you won’t be able to judge.

I am only for those who know my worth.

I will definitely answer your questions when the time comes.

I know the caste and status of everyone.

He is telling me the way to live life,

Whose status is not even equal to my attitude.

Attitude Shayari 2 Line

Must install 📶Wi-Fi near my grave,

Because my friends are such bastards that they will definitely come to me to use Wi-Fi.

Want to take a look at you!! 

Want to settle in my eyes after seeing..!

We have a habit of creating a different identity,

The deeper the wound, the more we have the habit of smiling.

Keep sitting in front, your heart will come to an agreement.

The more we look at you, the more we will fall in love.

#Courts run on papers.

We are #royal boys, we take decisions on the spot.

It is not necessary for the time to be special.

It is important to have time for special people.

Our name is not that weak,

☝ May you become #infamous due to the #voice of #two_four_enemies😈.

#Nowadays ☝ If you have to #move with the times,

You must have the skill of changing faces.

#Meet 😊 as a #stranger,

👩 #Today 😌 Life ☝ #needs ❤ you.

We have a beauty among the bad people, we come in handy in trouble.

Now what example should I give of my personality, friends?

❤❤♣🔱❤ Don’t know how many people became famous, they used to defame me..!!

Only the weak ones need the herd.

Only one lion like me is enough to create havoc.

tehelka 2 line shayari

Our 👦 is just a ☝ principle,

Smile 😊 with heart ❤ and maintain friendship 🤝 with heart..

#Love is not that which has #Attitude 😒 and #Ego😏,

#Love is that #in which one is #Expert in getting angry and the other is #Perfect❤️️ in persuading.

When I got cheated in love,

There is sadness in my life,

I thought of leaving this path,

Came second in Kambakhat #mohalla.

#I like to make friends with mad people 🤝 #Sir,

#Because no one is wise in trouble.

Whenever you feel lonely, turn off LiGhTs.

#HōRrŌr👻#MoViĒ 🎥See👀,,,, Loneliness☝ is over😌,

It will always seem like someone is standing behind.

If they go offline for 2 minutes and you feel like dying,

So yes, my friend, you have moved ahead on the path of destruction.

Where efforts have great stature,

😉 There fate also has to bow down.

#Love👫💞 has now become #sensible,

#Status💰 #progresses #by seeing.

I am very happy these days,

Because now I keep my hopes from myself, not from others.

When the enemy throws a stone, answer it with full force.

But that flower should be on his grave.

I was not a small story,

You just turned the pages quickly..

Learn to stay within your limits, son..

#Otherwise which irritates our eyes,

😡They wander in the #crematorium.

It is easy to defeat anyone by gathering a crowd.

But the fun is when there is a stampede in the crowd on hearing your name.

If you want to see me, then look at me with love, crazy girl….

Even your family members look so angry 😉!!

When enmity starts becoming fun…

The enemies start apologizing..😁😏

Mother taught me to keep things at the right place.

✔️ And #Father taught 😒to keep people in their #_status!!

Attitude Shayari

Now just think how much your mom and dad will take care of you.

Don’t you think that now I should take this responsibility?

The girl said, “Don’t feel bad, but your style looks like Desi”.

I said, Oh #Bavali, this #talk is my #Attitude😏…!!

Love ❤️️ does not happen just by saying 👉 I Love You,

One has to understand each other’s feeling to maintain a relationship.

#Pagli👩 you 👉No matter how much “no”❌”no”❌# you say,

#But looking at your eyes, I come to know that,

#You are only #mine and will always remain #mine..!

Don’t know when we will find someone who will love us.

And she will tell me that if you don’t talk, I will die.

Only then life becomes beautiful,

When the one who makes life beautiful is with you.

To be a #rascal, one has to #move forward 🏃 #alone.

😌 The #Police 👮 comes #following ☝ when we #seem to be #successful..!!

What is the use of those heights, sir?

👤 Where humans ascend and humanity descends..!!

#You have a habit of breaking #hearts and we too are determined to make you our bride..!!

Hey son, do as much mischief as you want.

 When we come to bullying we will change the game overnight


The biggest weapon is the heart, dear ones. 

 If this doesn’t stop, the whole world will stop 


Sharif was created by his love

Believe me, I was quite a bastard.


most dangerous shayari 2 line

I am not a story but a story

I am not a noble person, I am a bastard.


Only the neighborhood knows our love.

Our whole world will know hatred


pee all over the place

 dogs make their territory


You have to take action, dear.

Writing Gangster on Truecaller does not make one a scoundrel.


Don’t be so loyal that people think you are a dog.


It will burst, see it. 

Sometimes live like me. 

The world is hungry for you

 Dear friends, drink 150 rupees liquor.


I am used to being alone

I am neither a fool nor a troublemaker


Life is good like this..

distant friendship distant friendship

 And anyway

 I don’t do it for free 


the language in which the question is asked

 The answer should be given in the same language.

This is the principle of #ATTITUDE.


why wait for him 

 You are ruining yourself…

 neither time will return 

 not that bitch 


I had one thing to say to small minded people

 The year has changed, your thoughts have also changed.


yes i am the same

 which seems poison to you


gangster shayari 2 line copy

These who are wandering around you.

 To be honest, these are the ones that are bothering me


Some people from our side are biting us.

Licking the soles of those who bow before us


calculation is a long way off

 you just give it a try and see


People often forget their account and password.


मतलब रखता हूं अपने काम से

 नफरत होती है अब तो लड़की के नाम से


जिसे लोग ज़िन्दगी कहते है

 तेरे भाई ने वही खराब कर रखी है


बदमाशी तो जिगरे के दम पे होती है..

 लाडले ये भीड़ तो तुझे धरती पे खो देगी


तू बदमाश होगा

 गैंगस्टर होगा

 एरिये का डॉन होगा

 पर मुझे घण्टा फर्क नही पड़ता


चाहे लाख कमी हो मेरे में

 पर कदे छोरी के आगे इमेज बनान के चक्कर में

 यारा की बुराई न करा करता


पंगा तो ले लेगा लेकिन

 फिर बदमाशी की क़िस्त किस तरह भरेगा


जिस दिन थोड़ा सा भी घमंड आ जाये भीतर

 आके समशान में देख लियो मित्र 

बड़े बड़े जल के राख हो गए


मानता हू बेटा रिजल्ट थोड़ा सा लेट दूँगा

तेरी इस बदमाशी की खाज को जड़ से मेट दूँगा


पंगा लेने के लिए शरीर नही

 जिगरा होना चाहिए


ठंड रख छोटू 

अभी तेरी उम्र है खेलन खान की

 प्यार से रहा कर मेरे भाई

 क्यों हरकत करता है हड्डिया तुड़वान की


तुम बस तोड़ सकते हो मुझे 

मैं सिर्फ अपनी चाबी से खुलता हूँ


Attitude shayari 😎😎😎 2 line

मुझे नीचा दिखाने के लिए

 आपकी भी कुछ औकात होनी चाहिए


पुराना हो गया हर अंदाज़ हमारा

पर ये मत भूलो की

 मैं बाप हूँ तुम्हारा


हम भी #ATTITUDE वही दिखाते है।

जहाँ लोग अपनी औकात दिखाते है


स्वाद लिया करो लाडलो

 टेंशन लेने के लिए तो

 हमारे दुश्मन ही बहूँत बैठे है।


भले चोट लाखो खाई है

 पर ये अकड़ कभी कम न होने पाई है


मुझसे जलने वालो 

तुम राख ना होना 

अभी तो तुम्हे बहूँत कुछ देखना बाकी है

 बस तुम खाक ना होना


चाहने वालो की कमी नही है

 दो चार फफूंदो के जलने से क्या फर्क पड़ रहा है


छोटी सी बात इस दुनिया के समझ क्यों नही आती

 औकात की बात अपने बाप के दम पे नही की जाती


धरती तो चूहे खोदते है 

हमे तो आसमान फाड़ना है

 और ये खड़ा तेरे सामने तेरा बाप

 उखाड़ ले क्या उखाड़ना है


धरती तो चूहे खोदते है 

हमे तो आसमान फाड़ना है

 और ये खड़ा तेरे सामने तेरा बाप

 उखाड़ ले क्या उखाड़ना है


खोकले वार हम नही किया करते

 एक ही पर सटीक


मुझे इतना हल्के में मत ले

 मैं हस्ते हस्ते तेरे रस्ते लगा सकता हूँ


आनेवाला दौर अब हमारा है

 हेटर्स को कह दो की बाप अब पधारा है


जिन्दगी छोटी सी है ॥
इसलिए घमंड नहीं शौकरखताहूँ

बेटा  Game  बहुत अच्छा
खेला तूने, लेकिन बंदा गलत चुन लिया !!

शराफत की दुनिआ का किस्सा ही खत्म,
अब जैसी दुनिया वैसे हम.

ऐटिटूड 😔 शायरी 2 line

मौत का डर उसे दिखाना
जिसे जिंदगी से मोहब्बत हो.

मरूँगा 10 गिनूंगा एक, यकीन
नहीं आता ? तो ऊँगली करके देख !!

इतना Attitude मत दिखा पगली
मेरे फोन की बैटरी भी तुझसे ज्यादा हॉट है.

मुझे मेरी औकात मालुम है
बस आप अपनी मत भुलना।

ऐसा कोई शहर नहीं जहा अपना कहर नहीं,
ऐसी कोई गली नहीं जहा अपनी चली नहीं।

जो ठान लिया वो कर के रहूँगा
ये मत सोच की डर के रहूँगा…!!

Don’t hate anyone, just don’t like anyone anymore.

I am not a lover who will be unfaithful, I am a sharp sword who will only cause destruction!!

I am original, you are a fake note… More than your body, my DP is hot… II

Do what your heart says, not what people say.

Listen boy, messing with us and rioting in a crowded gathering, both are dangerous.

When enmity starts becoming fun, the enemies start apologizing.

Forgiveness is for mistake, not for betrayal..!

Getting involved with us is like sitting on a pile of gunpowder and playing with sparks.

Do everything sir, both will create destruction and panic together..!!

No matter what anyone says, it doesn’t matter to me.

Many had come to bring us down, but they could not do anything. _Times have passed!!

Even today blood is boiling, the world is crazy about our attitude, not our hobbies.

Attitude shayari 2 line boy

It’s not my heart that breaks my heart, but my son.

We too would have been among the decent ones, if no one had pointed fingers!!

When we come out with our attitude, then even the enemies speak in our favor…

The rule of life is love and waste.

Where your fear ends, our havoc begins!!

If you want to live a life with dignity, you have to show some attitude and style.


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